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Subsonic Goes Acoustic With "Honeycomb" This Spring
New York -- Ron Marks, veteran singer and songwriter, and frontman for the rock group Subsonic, has announced the global release of his new album "Honeycomb" early this Spring on DSN Music. Marks, who is well known in the industry as a hard rockin' guitarist, created the new project as an all acoustic album, displaying a diverse range of his talent. Tracks include a cover of the popular 1960's hit "Pleasant Valley Sunday" from The Monkees, to a stripped down version of the Subsonic hit single "I Could Be Anybody." Subsonic released "Trifecta" on DSN in 2012, which featured 30 tracks from three previously released albums which were digitally remastered. The diversity of songs shook the industry, with hard rock metal leads to pop, progressive, alternative and even some swamp blues. Subsonic is known for several hits including "Dream American" and "Just Hit Pomona" which generated radio airplay and a popular music video. FULL STORY
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